Keyless Lock: Top 5 Benefits of Using a Digital Door Lock
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Top 5 Benefits of Using a Digital Door Lock

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Digital Door Lock

Locking your door behind you when you are coming or going from your home is an important task that secures your home and belongings. Not to mention, it keeps you safe from intruders as well.

There are a number of different locks and security items that you can have fitted onto your door. We’re going to take a look at the basics of a digital door lock in this article, including the top five benefits of using this type of keyless entry method.

What is a Digital Door Lock?

A digital door lock provides you with the opportunity to secure your home or office while removing the need for bulky keys.

It’s a reliable way to enter whether you have a large number of people coming and going or it’s just you at the location.

There are a few main types of digital locks. This includes:

Electronic Digital Locks

This type of locking system requires some sort of power to the lock. Usually, it’s a battery-operated unit that you press a code into and the door unlocks.

Mechanical Locks

No power is required for this system. The push buttons are mechanically operated.


If you want to get really high tech with your home or office, a biometric system will use fingerprint recognition to provide easy access.

Key Cards

Key cards resemble a bank card or credit card. It slides into a small unit installed on the door for easy access. Though, this system still requires you to keep some sort of item with you, though it may not be a set of keys.

What Kind of Doors Can Be Fitted With a Digital Locking System?

The type of door that you have may determine what kind of locking system you can install. Though, most doors can be fitted with some sort of digital door lock.

The most common doors used with this system include wood doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, and UPVC doors.

Digital Door Lock: Door is LOCKED!

Reprogramming Your Keyless Entry System

The great thing about using a digital door lock is that you can have the system reprogrammed at any time. The initial code that you choose for easy access doesn’t have to be the long term password.

It’s a lot like changing the password on your email account. Periodically doing so will prevent any security issues if someone sees you press in a code and wants to come back later to gain access on their own.

Always make sure you’re choosing a code that is difficult to guess. Plugging in 1, 2, 3, 4 is probably the first thing that a trespasser is going to try.

A number that people associate you with (such as your birthday) should also be avoided.

If you have to give out the code to someone that you’re not overly familiar with (like a repairman), change the code after they leave and are done with the job.

The Top Five Benefits of Using a Digital Door Lock

Wondering what all the fuss is about? Considering using a digital door lock?

Here are the top five benefits associated with this type of system.

1. Ditch the Keys

Unlocking your door with a physical key isn’t a huge deal, but you may be someone that isn’t great about keeping track of your keys.

If you often find yourself misplacing your set, you can avoid the situation of having to obtain a new set by investing in a digital lock.

There will be no emergency calls to a locksmith so they can come and let you in. You won’t have to contact your landlord because you need them to bring over an extra key.

You won’t even have to spend time searching through the bottom of your bag to access your key ring.

2. Providing Access to Multiple People

If your home is accessed by a number of people when you’re away, you can provide them with access without having to pass around keys or have duplicates made.

If you’re on vacation and need your parents to check on your house, your friend is stopping by to feed your cat and water your plants or you have a handyman coming by to do some repairs while you’re at work, these are all convenient situations where passing out a code is simple.

Just make sure that you discreetly share the code. You should also be able to trust the people that you’re giving the code to.

3. Simple and Fast Access

Have you ever been caught in the rain or snow while trying to unlock your door with a key? Fumbling around with bags in your hands or trying to see the lock in the dark can be quite a challenge.

You can gain fast access to your home in just seconds when you press the code into the keypad and enter.

Keyless Entry System: Simple and Fast Access

4. They Work With Your Existing Door Lock

Most digital locking systems are installed by fitting them over your existing door lock mechanism. This simplifies the process and makes it more affordable.

It doesn’t take long for the installation to take place, and you’ll be on your way to fast and secure access.

5. Ideal Option for Businesses

There are many businesses that benefit from a keyless entry system. When you have a large number of people entering a building using a key, this can lead to security issues if keys get lost or copied without you knowing.

The lock itself can also become worn out from frequent use. Not to mention, you’re tasked with having to keep a record of who has keys, who needs to return keys upon leaving, etc.

In conclusion

Using a digital door lock provides you with ample security against intruders and break-ins. They can hold up well to attacks as well as over time.

Even doors that have high traffic coming through them each day will remain secure for many years when you invest in a digital system.

If you would like more information, please reach out to Green Locksmith. We would be happy to provide you with guidance on a digital locking system for your property.