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Green Locksmith Company has been providing locksmith solutions in Leicestershire for more than two decades.

We have a track record of effectiveness, top-quality work, and immediate solution.

Lock picking, lock repair, lock installation or lock replacement are some of the locksmith services we offer.

Our technicians are trained to install door lock solutions regardless of the locking system on your house.

If it is a lock, we are able to fix it, replace it, or personalize it, and we are here to deliver a high course solution to secure your properties.

instant arrival

Showing up quickly is our aim, and the reaction time, which is between fifteen to twenty minutes.

affordable Prices

We provide a complete array of locksmith services personalized for every pocket.


We’re completely licensed and insured for all your locksmith requirements.


With a totally free estimate through the phone, you’ll know exactly what to anticipate before we appear.

Repair Door Lock

Shopping for a locksmith to repair or install a lock for your family? Our experienced locksmiths in Leicestershire will have the work done quicker as well as at an outstanding price.

Door locks have grown to be a fundamental element of the homes that we typically take for granted.

But, like any different piece of equipment, locks are susceptible to damage. Humidity, rust, dust, and extortionate force can mostly undermine the architectural integrity of locks over time, leading them to jam or get stuck.

Worse, worn and broken door locks are simpler to break in, which makes them less reliable for security.

Green Locksmith is certainly one call away, and we’ll dispatch out a technician to your house as soon as we get your telephone call.

Many houses have regional lock designs, particularly in more recent communities. That means local organizations learn the lock’s potential breakdowns and servicing requirements.

If you don’t feel safe with your recent lock, they can recommend the right replacement and diagnose just what brought about the current breakdown.

Leicestershire Lock Change

Sometimes locks are damaged as a result of the force used against them, or their unique internal areas are simply overused.

Changing locks is likely to solve the problem if these things are afflicting the door. When the whole lock procedure is changed along with the key, it’s called the full lock replacement.

Purchasing a brand new home is the most common reason why you should change your locks. Some people fail to replace their locks when they acquire a business. It is important to change the locks on an innovative new house or building when you move.

If you value your staff, household people, and anything else in your home or business, then use the first rung on the ladder to protect them. Don’t hold off having your lock fixed if it’s malfunctioning.

All of the locksmiths are trained in all aspects of lock improvements. Our locksmiths have the newest and most revolutionary tools for your new improved locks set up in little time, and we have the best in lock upgrades. The price will change depending on the type of lock you have along with the lock you want to install.

Door Lock Installation

Whether your purpose is to change the lock on the forward door for a brand new one, we could advise you of your solutions and help you choose the lock that best suits your personal house security needs.

We provide full-spectrum and selection of lock installation and brand new protection systems throughout Leicestershire.

We provide the very best quality of solutions in any kind of door lock installation, UPVC Door Locks, Windows Locks, Industrial & home new door lock (On-Site Installation) services around Leicestershire.

We also provide Smart Systems & High-Security equipment installments.

Adding an intelligent lock, strengthening the entry doors and frames, or fitting a very protected garage door are some of the ways home owners can upgrade their security.

You don’t have to worry about resizing holes. We will install a new smart lock for you.

Green Locksmith works with skilled locksmiths to provide the best Lock Installation in Leicestershire.

Industrial & Local Locksmiths in Leicestershire

Having the right commercial door locks and equipment makes sure the building’s security. When all things are current and also in good shape, your daily business can work efficiently.

Damaged or broken store locks, having said that, can leave your building, possessions, and workers exposed and then make day-to-day business perplexing.

You want your locksmiths to be available if anything goes wrong, and you need complete confidence in them. It’s our best way to make sure you always receive fantastic service, top-of-the-line items, and professional advice when you call us for emergency locksmith services.

It is possible to increase the security of your own commercial or residential space with the help of specialists in lock fixes, rekeying, lock replacement, and other locksmith services.

Commercial locksmith in Leicestershire

New Home Prime Security Check

The first thing you should do when moving to a new house is to check your doors and locks.

The first line of security is to evaluate the problem of significant doors.

Every day in the United Kingdom, there are 1,000 break-ins.

Although a home security system can help prevent break-ins, the best protection is making your home as difficult to break into as possible.

A home without a security system is as much as 300% more likely to be broken into.

Having a proper home security system is the best way to prevent home invasions.

How do you keep your house safe when you move in?

If you need a locksmith, give us a call and our experts will make your home as secure as possible.

They will conduct a security check on your new house as well.

Burglar Alarms

Follow secure strategies and improve your house’s security.

Simple steps to improve your home’s security can be taken before you spend a lot of money on home security products and monitoring.

You can get the additional protection of professionally monitored Home Security by keeping close track of your home with quick application alert.

If you don’t have a home automation center, try to find a lock that comes with its own mobile app.

Some of the expensive cameras have humidity and temperature detectors and will communicate with other connected home devices.

Each time the camera’s motion sensors go off, you’ll get notifications that someone is at your door and you can use the digital camera mic to talk to them.

Home security systems with specialist monitoring are the best. We always advise it, even though we realize it’s an additional expenditure monthly.

24/7 Leicestershire Locksmith

All of our experts are trained and experienced to handle any request. 24-hour locksmith services are offered.

With over 20 years of locksmith knowledge, our family-owned and operated business enjoy helping individuals and businesses.

We provide locksmith services in your area to repair or restore damaged or broken locks. To open secured cars, residence and business doors, car key replacement, and restoring locks, we can show up on-the-spot 24/7.

Imagine being trapped in a locked place and having difficulty because of the broken or damaged lock. If you need a locksmith in Leicestershire, our technicians can be found at any time of the day and night.

We’re thrilled to serve both commercial consumers who need a regular upkeep policy for their qualities, as well as homeowners who need help with an accidental lock out.

24-Hour Locksmith Service Everyday

About us

The Green Locksmith knows a lot about locks. We want to assure you that we are reliable.

If you go with a non professional locksmith, you will be ripped off with high costs and charges.

As a top locksmith service company, our objective is simple to order products from qualified manufacturers only, provide the most useful stock and work for ourselves with experienced technicians who can fix and install any type of lock system.

We can guarantee satisfaction for all of the locksmith’s requirements in Leicestershire and surrounding cities with this combination.

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It’s just great. The green locksmith did exactly what he said it does.

Graeme L.Leicestershire

I called Green and they came out within the hour time-frame, quickly repaired the lock. Professional and friendly team. Very happy with the service, will definitely use it again if required.

Susan ThomsonLeicestershire

Really good work. Green Locksmith service is awesome!

Weider R.Leicestershire