Commercial Locksmith Services: Protecting Your Business

The Importance of Commercial Locksmiths in Safeguarding Your Business

The Importance of Commercial Locksmiths in Safeguarding Your Business

On the site of your commercial business, there is likely a lot of sensitive data, expensive equipment, and potentially people’s personal belongings as well.

Making sure that your business is secure is incredibly important whether you’re on-site or away for the time being.

While you may think that you’ve covered all of your bases, bringing a commercial locksmith to your location can help you determine where your security may be lacking.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that commercial locksmiths prevent theft and security concerns.

Assisting With the Changing of Employees

Even the most successful businesses will experience employee turnaround at different points throughout the year.

When you have people leave who may have had access to your business by way of pass codes or keys, you’re putting yourself at risk of a security breach if that person decides they want to gain access.

Even if they have no ill intentions, they could inadvertently share information with someone else who wants to be sneaky.

A professional commercial locksmith offers a few different services that can address this potential problem.

For example, periodic re-keying of your locks may require you to pass out new keys to those people who need them, but you’ll at least know that there is a small group of people who have limited access.

You could also have your pass code changed every couple of months, regardless of whether people have left the company or not.

Helping You Keep Information and Keys Limited

While it’s tempting to give access to as many employees as possible in order to maintain an efficient workflow within your business, this increases your need for emergency commercial locksmith services.

The more keys and codes that you have out there, the greater your risk of having someone get into your business that you don’t want to be there.

You should keep access materials limited to a few upper management employees that you know can be trusted.

This will also limit the number of times per year that you’ll have to change out locks or change pass codes.

Helping You Keep Information and Keys Limited

Creating a Master Key System

Consider discussing a master key system with the commercial locksmith that you work with. This system would give out keys to those employees or tenants that need them.

However, a property manager or upper management will have a master key that provides access to all of the areas on site to ensure optimal security.

Discuss this potential scenario with your trusted commercial locksmith to see if they think this would be a good setup for your business.

Repairs of Damaged Locks and Keypads

Locks, keypads, and other security access points will require maintenance just like any other part of your business.

It’s important that you call a commercial locksmith if you notice that something isn’t working properly with your locks or security system.

Locks can jam up or malfunction due to physical or technological problems. When this is not addressed, this can pose a pretty substantial safety risk. Even a key being stuck in a lock can be a problem.

Make sure that you’re working with a locksmith that can get to your business site quickly when you need it.

You can also talk to them about scheduling routine maintenance appointments where they can give everything a once over to ensure that all of your locks and security measures are in working order.

After Hours Service

You may have found the best commercial locksmith in the area, but if they don’t have emergency hours or extended availability, you’re not going to get the best service possible.

Before you start working with a commercial locksmith, ask about their availability, how quickly you can schedule an appointment, and whether or not they offer emergency service after hours.

You never know when a security concern is going to come up, and you want to make sure that you can get the help that you need in a timely manner.

Advancing Your Security System

Advancing Your Security System

Even if you’ve had an efficient locking system in place for many years, criminals are getting smarter every day.

You can prevent the risk of a break-in by utilizing commercial locksmith services to advance your security system.

Not only will this keep your site more secure when you’re not there, but employees will also feel more comfortable knowing that they’re working in a location where management cares about their safety as well.

Some of the upgrades that you may want to consider include master key systems, smart locks, cameras, doorbell cameras, keypad locks, and panic bars.

Reinforced Doors

It’s important that you have locks on all of your doors (and windows), but the quality of those doors is very important as well.

If you don’t have strong doors that are in good shape, this can lead to them being easily broken in order to gain access.

Commercial locksmiths provide you with the opportunity to beef up some of these doors using things like security bars and bump-proof locks.

Commercial locksmith can also help you determine which doors need to be reinforced while providing you with access to some of the best equipment around.

Utilizing a Commercial Safe

In addition to exterior security, consider having a locking safe installed on site. This is a great way to keep valuable items, money, and paperwork in a safe place that cannot be accessed by anyone who doesn’t have a key or pass code.

Your employees don’t even need to know that such a safe exists. It can be used solely by a small group of people.

This type of equipment is generally fire safe as well, so you can keep sensitive documents inside that could potentially be recovered if something were to happen at your location.

Commercial locksmiths can ensure that you’ve chosen the right type of safe and that this safe is installed properly, and they can come by every so often to re-key the lock or change the pass code.

Even the best safe isn’t going to be beneficial if it’s not installed or maintained the right way.

Utilizing a Commercial Safe

Providing Multiple Services

A reputable locksmith is one who understands their clients have different needs, whether it be for a residential or commercial structure.

It would be best if you worked with a professional commercial locksmith dedicated to helping you increase the security of your commercial property in an affordable and practical manner.

Always look into the reputation and experience that a company brings to the table before you bring them into your business to help you with security.

From increased security for your business to gaining access to your home when you’ve locked yourself out, it’s beneficial to have one single company that you can trust for all of your locksmith needs.

Top-tier Commercial Locksmiths in Action

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