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The Green Locksmith Company has been providing locksmith services in Greater Manchester for more than 20 years.

We have got a track record of efficiency, high-quality work, and instant services.

Lock picking, lock repair, lock installation or lock replacement are some of the locksmith services we offer.

Our technicians have the proper training to install door lock solutions regardless of the locking system on your residence.

If it is a lock, we are able to fix it, replace it, or personalize it, and we are here to deliver a top-class solution to secure your assets.


Whether you will need to regain entry or have brand new locks installed, we’ll be there extremely fast.

convenience Prices

We offer a total selection of locksmith solutions personalized for every pocket.


As an insured organization, we offer ourselves along with our capacity to provide specialist, fast and efficient locksmith solutions 24/7.


Our motto is ‘Professional & Thorough’ – it requires both to do the job right.

Greater Manchester Lock Repair

One of the simplest ways for a homeowner to save money is to have any of our Greater Manchester locksmiths check out your lock when it breaks down.

Some property owners choose to ignore the early indicators and use their doors with damaged or exhausted locking devices.

The price of a pricey lock replacement can be prevented by the many different types of locks that can be repaired.

Without the correct resources and knowledge, you might finish harmful the lock a lot more. Alternatively, call a certified locksmith to inspect the lock.

Green locksmith in Greater Manchester can be your local door lock repair and house windows repair company.

Our company is the best option for dependable service, fast response, and reasonable prices.

Greater Manchester Lock Change

Sometimes locks are damaged as a result of the force used against them, or their unique internal areas are simply overused.

Changing locks is likely to solve the problem if these are afflicting your door. The full lock change is when your whole lock procedure is changed along with the key.

Buying a brand new home is one of the reasons why you should change your locks. People who have acquired a business fail to replace their locks. When you move, it’s important to change the locks on the innovative new residence or building.

If you value your staff, household people, and anything else in your home or business, use the first rung on the ladder to protect them. Don’t hold off on having the lock repaired if it’s malfunctioning.

All of our locksmiths have been trained in all aspects of lock improvements. Our locksmiths have the newest and most revolutionary tools for your new improved locks set up in little time, and we have the best in lock upgrades. The fee will change depending on the type of lock you have along with the lock you want to install.

Door Lock Installation

Whether your intent is to change the lock on the forward door for a brand new one, we could counsel you of your solutions and help you choose the lock that best suits your personal residence security requirements.

Proper installing of your door locks will make sure avoidance of lock damage and burglars

We provide the best quality of services in any kind of door lock installation, UPVC Door Locks, Windows Locks, Industrial & home brand new door lock (On-Site Installation) services around Greater Manchester.

We provide Smart Systems & High-Security equipment installations.

Adding a smart lock, strengthening the entry doors and frames, or setting a very insulated garage door are some of the ways home owners can upgrade their security.

Don’t worry about resizing holes. We’ll fit and finish your new smart lock.

The Best unique lock installation in Greater Manchester is supplied by Green Locksmith.

Commercial Locksmith in Greater Manchester

No commercial locksmith work is too small or too large for us to take, as well as straightforward or complex for the green locksmiths to control.

Commercial safe services include safe recombination and commercial safe Lockout. If you’re thinking about installing a Master Key System in your office, a regional locksmith could be the one for the job.

Every business has its own security requirements and we understand the benefits of getting the best quality security possible. We are positive that we can accommodate nearly every locksmith related request after working with every type of commercial security system.

The locksmith services at the workplace are very secure. Commercial locksmiths are usually substantial for schools, workplaces, shops, commercial garages, hospitals, and various commercial spots. It’s ideal for business commercial angles to have a commercial locksmith in the area.

Call us if you want to install, replace, or fix any lock for commercial office use in the entire area of Greater Manchester.

Commercial locksmith in Greater Manchester

New Home Prime Security Check

You should check your doors and locks just before you move the items to your new house.

The first line of protection is to evaluate the problem of significant doors as soon as possible.

Every day in the United Kingdom, there are 1,000 burglaries.

Although a home security system can help prevent break-ins, the best protection is making your home as difficult to break into as possible.

A home without security systems is more likely to be broken into.

Getting a proper home security system is the best way to prevent criminals from targeting your home.

How do you make sure your house is safe when you move in?

Let our professional locksmiths make your home as secure as it can be by giving us a call.

They will do a security check on your new house as well.

Alarm Systems

We have everything you need to make your home safe and protected.

The security experts will work with you to design a system that fits your needs.

It is challenging to protect your entire house from wireless security systems.

Our experts will show you which alarm system is best for your property. We cover it all with security sensors, cameras, wise speakers and smoke detectors.

Other kinds of monitoring are also offered by most security systems.

We’re confident that any system we design will give you the best protection.

When you look at the Greater Manchester region, you will see that all of our security and alarm systems provide protection and comfort.

We service homes, shops, public offices, hospitals, schools, and commercial structures.

Emergency Greater Manchester Locksmith

Our locksmiths are willing to handle any request. 24-hour locksmith services are offered.

With over 20 years of locksmith knowledge, our family-owned and operated business usually enjoyed helping individuals and businesses.

We provide locksmith services around the clock to fix or restore damaged or broken locks. To open secured cars, house and business doors, car key replacement, and restoring locks, we can show up on-the-spot 24/7.

Imagine if you were trapped in a locked place and encountered difficulty because of a broken or damaged lock. If you need a locksmith in Greater Manchester, our professionals can be found at any time of the day and night.

We’re thrilled to serve both commercial consumers who need a regular upkeep policy for their qualities, and homeowners with an accidental lockout scenario that needs help.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Why Green Locksmith?

The Green Locksmith knows a lot about locks. We want to assure you that we are dependable.

If you choose to go with a locksmith that is not a professional, you will be ripped off with high costs and charges.

As a top locksmith service company, our goal is simple to purchase products from reputable and qualified manufacturers only, provide the most readily useful stock and work for ourselves with experienced professionals who can repair and install any type of lock system.

We can guarantee satisfaction for all of the locksmith’s needs in Greater Manchester with this combination.

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I found out about green locksmith with a quick google search, and I couldn’t have been more fortunate. they were fast, friendly, and super professional from the moment we got started.

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Two thumbs up. If you’re in need of an honest, professional, and reliable locksmith service, then look no further than green locksmiths. I’ve relied on the service providers from them.

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